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Useful Tools and instruments

Monitoring acute asthma management
I have developed a form I use when treating a patient for uncontrolled asthma. This serves to ensure I monitor the patiens progress on treatment and also as documentation for informing secondary care colleagues when referring a patient into hospital. to download a word version of this form, click here

Referring people to hospital with asthma to a specialist for an opinion
I have developed a form for use when referring a patient with asthma. This form provides check boxes and free text options for providing useful and relevant information to the specialist. to download a word version of this form, click here

Peak flow chart for monitoring asthma
This chart, developed by Prof Helen Reddel in Sydney, is designed so that patients (and doctors) can easily see whether asthma is out of control. There are columns for AM and PM readings of Peak Flow Rate. to download a word version of this form, click here

Lessons from the recent National Review of Asthma Deaths (NRAD)
I was the Clinical Lead for the NRAD (2011-2013). One of the major lessons from this review was that people who died did not have their asthma control assessed, they did not have their routine asthma reviews, they were prescribed excess relievers and insufficient preventer inhalers, and they were not reviewed soon after hospital admission for asthma.

I have as a result developed a form for reflecting on the care provided for patients who have recently sufferred an asthma flare-up or attack, which includes hospital admission, treatment in an emergency department or in a practice in the community for an attack. This form enables a doctor or nurse to do an audit and reflect on the care preceding the attack. to download a word version of this form, click here