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I have wide experience of lecturing mainly in the field of respiratory medicine in primary care. I do have a special interest in diagnosis of asthma, COPD and allergic conditions. Examples of some of my lectures are available on this site as flash animated files where the lectures can be played and listened to.
Recent lectures include:
  • Lecture for health care providers doing remote consultations with people concerned about their asthma when this has gone out of control: During the COVID-19 pandemic many doctors are conducting remote consultations. Integrated Urgent care doctors and general practitioners need to be able to decide when consulted by someone or a carer of someone with uncontrolled asthma, whether to direct the person to a face to face consultation in primary care or urgently to an A&E Department. This talk accompanied the current (2020) London guidance for 111 calltakers. The talk is intended for health care providers to assist their decision making in their management of patients. The contents are my ideas and opinion, so please use your own judgement, skills and competence in advising your patients. If in any doubt, refer the person to an emergency service.
  • Inhaler devices: evidence and practice
  • Lessons for Paediatricians from studies on asthma deaths
  • Asthma in primary care: Keeping people out of hospital
  • How to do Medical Audit - download a powerpoint presentation delivered in London October 2010 click here
  • Allergy and asthma - the links - download a powerpoint presentation delivered in London November 2010 click here
  • Occupational asthma - an unrecognised need in primary care If you wish to view and listen to this lecture, which was delivered at the 2005 Annual Scientific Meeting of the GPIAG click here
  • Asthma Self management/Action Plans - a method for people with asthma to assess and self-manage their asthma. If you wish to view and listen to this lecture click here
  • Are Peak Flow Meters Still a Valuable Tool in the Management of Asthma. This was delivered as a Webinar and if you wish to view and listen to this lecture click here
  • Creating a COPD Register
  • Acute asthma in Primary Care
  • Allergy in Primary care
  • Information technology in Primary care
  • Asthma in the United Kingdom - the transition from treating asthma as a series of acute illnesses to that of a cronic disease
  • Asthma self management plans
  • Snapshot audit of asthma - The Harrow RAISE Project
  • Managing Acute Asthma
  • COPD Exacerbations - the Met Health Forecasting Project