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I graduated as a medical doctor in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1974. Since 1977 I have been practising as a general practitioner in London with a special interest in respiratory diseases.

My experience, in addition to caring for patients in a busy general practice, includes research, authoring papers and books, editing a medical journal, research and lecturing about respiratory disease.

For 13 years, I trained young doctors wishing to become general practitioners. I teach medical students and am currently active as a general practice appraiser and am an Expert assessor (Primary Care) for NCAS (National Clinical Assessment Service); the former activity enables me to assist colleagues through a formative process of change for the benefit of their patients.

I have also been actively involved in managing and implementing change in the field of primary care respiratory medicine, both in the UK and through involvement with international colleagues. For my full academic Curriculum Vitae click here.

I am therefore able to offer a number of services, including research advice; teaching and lecturing; consultancy including problem solving and implementation of change.

I am also a wildlife photographer, specialising in African animals in their natural habitat. My images are for sale, either in the form of greetings cards and prints or for licensed reproduction. Click here to view my wildlife site.